We Make I.T. work for you

IT Services

What we do, to make IT work for you!
Managed IT Services

Outsource your IT headaches to us. We will help you reduce downtime, stabilize your IT environment, increase your profitability, and make I.T. work for you

Break/Fix Support

We realize not every company needs a managed IT plan. Do you already have an IT staff and just need a little help every once in a while? Or do you just need IT help every so often? We offer to you our by the hour break/fix support.

Consulting Services

We can work with you to access your technology needs. We listen to where you want your company to be and can help you develop a technology plan to help get you there.

Security Services

Unfortunately in today’s world, there is increasing threats when you are online. From Malware and Viruses, to data theft, your IT infrastructure needs protection. Backups and disaster recovery plans are extremely important to safeguard your data, we can help!

Backup/Disaster Recovery

What would happen if you had some type of disaster? Would your company survive losing all of your data? Do you want to take that chance? We can help you develop, implement and maintain a backup and disaster recovery solution.

Cloud Services

Do you have reliability issues with in house email? Would you like to have the latest office software? We can help you move this all to the cloud, with better reliability and access.

Network Services

We can design, implement, and maintain your network systems, with a focus on stability and security. Whether you are trying to connect 1 or 500 computer we can help. Whether wired or wireless we can provide you with the service and support you need.

Residential/Home Support

We can help with any issues you may be having at home also. PC, Laptop, Printer, Wireless, Network, Tablets, Phones, you name it we can help you get it up and running the way it should. Our home focused business is Compute RVA and we have a retail location also.