February 3, 2016

Backup/Disaster Recovery


No one like to think about losing everything, but it happens and it can be devastating to your business.  What would you and your business do if you lost all of your files? How long could you stay in business if you suffered a catastrophic data loss?  Do you have a plan in place?  What is your plan if you did not have access to your systems and data?

Unfortunately today we live in a data dependent world and the importance of backing up your critical business data is of utmost importance.  Here at Ai Technology Professionals we can help you put together a disaster recovery plan, we can also help you put in a good data backup program.  We have been helping business in the Richmond, Virginia area protect their most important asset, their data.  We can design a robust on-site, cloud, or even a hybrid system to make sure you can sleep at night knowing if you need to recover your data it is there for you.  Contact us to learn more!